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War - The Card Game

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War was probably the first card game you learned to play growing up! With its simple rules and quick game play, it's fun for all ages. War - The Card Game, is the free to play mobile version, with a few twists!

With this updated version, you get four different game modes:

• Classic War is simple and plays exactly like the classic card game. The deck is split into two piles; each player flips over cards from the top of their deck, and the high card wins. Ties are broken with a "war", with extra cards put at stake. The players face off until one opponent completely runs out of cards.

• 3 Wars is a quick-to-play mode. It has the same deck rules as Classic War, only the first player to win three wars wins the game!

• Strategy War: In this variation each player draws five cards at random from their deck, and and can choose which order to play them in. This is a great challenge to outsmart your friends!

• Reserve War: This popular variation allows players to choose up to 3 cards to reserve for later play, but be forewarned, reserving a card costs you to lose the next card to your opponent!


• Hours of free gameplay entertainment.

• Multiplayer support, including challenging a friend, online opponents, or shared screen mode to play together on one device!

• Track all wins and losses, in every game mode.

• All game modes have fully customizable card backs, card fronts, and gameplay backgrounds. Make any game mode totally your own!

• All new updated graphics.

• Easy to use and play.

• Smooth gameplay.

• Designed for both phone and tablet play.


War - The Card Game War - The Card Game
War - The Card Game
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